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How Vape House Hawaii is Preventing Underage Sales!

How Vape House Hawaii is Preventing Underage Sales!

New age restrictions being enforced by the FDA and other regulatory bodies around the world have led vaping companies to change the way they do business but for the better!

There are plenty of age verification companies that are rushing to promote themselves as the only companies that satisfy the FDA’s new regulations, but it’s not true. The FDA hasn’t mandated any specific ways that companies verify their customer’s age, just that you need to do it. You can go through the new Deeming Rule with a fine-tooth comb, and you won’t find any guidance. You just need to do it. 

Ignorance or misunderstanding isn’t a defense that you want to try out on the FDA though. They’re not playing when it comes to their new guidelines.

What happens if you get it wrong and accidentally or ignorantly sell to a minor? 

• The first thing that you’ll get from the FDA is a warning letter. Accompanying this letter is a demand that you respond in writing within fifteen days. 

• Do it again, and you can expect to start receiving some seriously upsetting letters and a fine. Yep, it’s going to cost you some dollars. 

• Get it wrong again and get caught and you may find yourself receiving a ban from selling any tobacco products at all. At this point, you can kiss your business goodbye. 

It was only five weeks after the new Deeming Rule that the FDA issued its first round of 55 warning letters to brick and mortar stores and online retailers. You can check out the complete list of companies that received a warning letter on the FDA’s website here.

The FDA isn’t playing around. 

The FDA is going after flavored e-liquids which they believe are attractive to minors and they’ll use these violators as evidence that vaping companies can’t police their own sales. These violations may seem minor now, but if they continue, it’s going to make it much easier for anti-vapers and regulatory bodies like the FDA to move against vapers. 

So, how can vaping companies protect themselves against underage shoppers? 

At first, it may seem like an impossible task for many small shops and even larger ones, but it isn’t. The good news is that many vape companies have already been running their own self-imposed age verification checks to prevent sales to minors and the FDA’s new Deeming Rule won’t bother them at all. 

Vape House Hawaii uses industry-leading Age Verification App, AgeChecker.net. This app allows instant age verification for EVERY purchase. It’s a simple and fast way to restrict access to underage shoppers. Is it going to stop a teenager that’s determined to bypass the system? No. Maybe they steal a credit card and impersonate their parents and get lucky.

What it is doing and more importantly showing, is that we’re are doing everything reasonably practicable to prevent underage shoppers from accessing our products. It’s showing regulatory agencies such as the FDA that we’re going above and beyond to prevent the rules from being broken.

It pays to constantly check your own age verification system. See how well it’s working, try to beat your own system and see how easy it is. Read the Deeming Rule for yourself and check what your local state’s laws and regulations are. We’ve said it before; ignorance isn’t an excuse for doing the wrong thing. 

As responsible business owners, it’s up to you to ensure that you’re meeting all the laws and regulations. Stay abreast of changes to the law and focus on what’s coming down the line. Once a vaping company is on the FDA’s radar, you better believe that they’re going to focus on you more and check up on you to ensure that you’re not slipping. 

Doing the right thing is an obligation to the future of the vaping industry and ensuring that vaping products are not ending up in the hands of children. 

Happy Vaping!


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