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Minnesota Launches Anti-Vaping Campaigns Through Tiktok

Minnesota is trying a new tactic to prevent teens from vaping: TikTok. The short-form video platform has become popular with teens and young people over the past year.
E-cigarette use has surged among middle and high school students. The state health department is launching a campaign within TikTok to encourage them to quit.
The state’s health department hopes that by showing young people what they could potentially face if they use e-cigs, they’ll discourage them from using them in the first place.
The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has teamed up with popular TikToker Dr Rose Marie Leslie to get the …


The Florida Legislature’s Failure to Prohibit the Sale of e-Cigarette Flavors Will Benefit Public Health

Florida’s decision to veto the bill which banned all vaping products with flavors was a good choice as it benefited public health.
It is true that smokers do not want to quit, but we need to understand that it is not just their fault. They are addicted, and their bodies are physically dependent on tobacco. So, the way they can stop smoking is to find the best alternative which can help them kick this habit.
The best way of doing this is by using e-cigarettes which have no tobacco and have much fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes.
E-cigarettes act as an imitation of cigarettes and help smokers reduce their …


1 in 5 US Teens are Still Vaping Despite Declines in US Youth Vaping Rates

Among high school students, 16 percent said they vaped in the past month, down from 21 percent last year. Vaping by high school students has dropped significantly since 2019 but remains a public health concern.
The progress we’re seeing in reducing youth tobacco use is encouraging,” said CDC Director, “but far too many young people continue to use tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.”
Vaping is an emerging public health concern among youth that needs further action to protect their long-term health and development.
What Motivates US Youth to Vape?
Compared to …