Minnesota is trying a new tactic to prevent teens from vaping: TikTok. The short-form video platform has become popular with teens and young people over the past year.

E-cigarette use has surged among middle and high school students. The state health department is launching a campaign within TikTok to encourage them to quit.

The state’s health department hopes that by showing young people what they could potentially face if they use e-cigs, they’ll discourage them from using them in the first place.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has teamed up with popular TikToker Dr Rose Marie Leslie to get the word out about the dangers of vaping. Leslie, who is also a family physician, has over 1 million followers on TikTok.

The campaign will include a series of videos featuring Leslie in her office and her home, talking about ways that young people can quit vaping or not start in the first place.

The New Law of Tobacco 21

A new Minnesota state law is aimed at getting teens to quit vaping before they start smoking cigarettes.

The goal of the legislation is to prevent teen vaping and subsequent nicotine addiction, aiming to reduce smoking rates in Minnesota.

With a new law that raises the legal age for tobacco use to 21, Minnesota has become the first state in the country to take such a drastic step. The move is being applauded by health advocates who say raising the age of tobacco use will give teens more time to make healthier choices.

Others worry that it will increase illicit nicotine use, leading to the creation of a black market for the substance.

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