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Premium E-Liquids Brand & Online Vape Shop Vape House Hawaii Expands to Include Larger Size Premium E-Liquid & Thick Oil Products

Vape House Hawaii has won a remarkable reputation for being a Hawaii E liquid brand and online vape store that always exceeds customer expectations. Now their catalog is more exciting than ever with new e-liquid sizes and choices available a full-selection of legal CBD options.

April 28, 2019

With the ever-increasing interest in e-liquids for vaping and CBD products for a long list of well-accepted benefits, there’s no shock many wonder what online stores are trustworthy to order from. The good news is that one online shop has created and maintained a spotless reputation in this area which just continues to grow, Hawaii E liquid and vape shop Vape House Hawaii.  Already having a very impressive catalog, which includes their own Premium E Liquid brand, the company recently announced the exciting news that they have expanded what they offer a great deal covering more e-liquid options, vape products, and much-in-demand CBD products both for people and pets.

“We are excited, as always, to bring our customers a taste of Hawaii,”  commented a spokesperson from the online store. “We know our expanded premium e liquid, CBD products and vape shop catalog is going to make a lot of customers very happy, which is a big part of our mission.”

The popular Vape House Hawaii line of premium e liquid choices are highlighted by popular flavors like Mongoose Joose – Hawaiian Punch; White Sands – Coconut, Pineapple & Yogurt; Trade Winds – Passion Fruit, Orange & Guava; Black Sands – Kona Coffee; Overcast – Caramel Apple; Hokulea – Kiwi & Vanilla Custard; and Pele’s Kiss, which is Strawberry & Cream Melona.  Many of these flavors are not found at any other vape shop.

The new products that have been added to the Vape House Hawaii catalog now include their e-liquid flavors in both 60ml and 120ml plastic squeeze bottles allowing customers to save money through ordering larger amounts of their favorite e-liquids, as well as other e-liquids brands and Highest-Rated CBD products from the top CBD Brands you trust. At Vape House Hawaii, we understand the importance of lab-testing every one of our CBD products to ensure superior quality. All of our CBD products come verified with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Click on the Lab Results link located at the bottom of the product description for each of our CBD product options. Also in the new online catalog are new vape brands, vape coils, mods, and atomizers, with everything set at very reasonable price points.

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Have your Hawaii E-Liquid and Vape devices delivered FAST anywhere in the U.S. from Hilo’s vape juice company Vape House Hawaii. Contact us for international shipping rates.


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