Vaping or inhaling is a way to consume tobacco products from electronic devices or vapes. Smoking e-liquids is supposed to be a less harmful way of stimulating smoking. The nicotine goes directly into your bloodstream when you inhale. If you’re new to vaping, it’s crucial to find a technique that works for you to enjoy each puff in the most effective way possible.

A good vape can be enjoyed in the following ways:

Find a comfortable place to sit or stand.

Finding a comfortable zone to start smoking is important when vaping. Be sure that there is nothing in your way as you inhale – including other people, furniture, or objects. This gives your peace of mind to enjoy your inhalants. Also, it prevents you from having passive smokers and prevents other risks of air pollution to other living things.

Draw the vapor slowly into your mouth for a few seconds

Hold your vape between your thumb and the first two fingers. Place the vape pen in the center of your mouth and close your lips around it. Maintain a tight seal around the pen by pressing down on it with your lips and teeth (or using a filter). Take a deep inhale, filling your lungs as much as possible for a few seconds.

Hold the breath in your closed mouth for a few seconds.

To hold the breath or vapor in your mouth, stick your tongue against your top mouth and make sure your mouth is full and fully closed. Holding the air in the mouth makes the vapor look like clouds.

However, failure to release the air from your mouth or keep it there for a longer time will dehydrate you. E-cigarettes have propylene glycol, a dehydrating agent that absorbs all the moisture from your nostrils.

Keep the mouth open and allow the vapor to pass to your lungs.

Open your mouth and inhale the breath from your mouth to the lungs. Do not swallow while vaping. When the smoke reaches the lungs, the carbon monoxide in the tobacco products displaces the oxygen in the blood. It circulates in the bloodstream reaching all your body parts. You may feel unconscious immediately or after some time, depending on your smoking rates.

Make sure to exhale slowly and completely.

Let the breath out through the mouth and continue exhaling slowly as the chest walls and the belly collapse. The diaphragm is pushed up, releasing all the air from your lungs. This will help you avoid smoke spilling out of your mouth and into your nose and eyes and eliminate any remaining tobacco products in the lungs.

However, some people enjoy inhaling the smoke by drawing the vapor directly into their lungs. This inhaling requires low levels of nicotine using larger vapes with low resistance coils. The vapor is then exhaled immediately after it reaches the lungs. The process is smooth and easy for smokers who use vapes more frequently. Some people exhale a puff like that of a cigar vape.

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