HUUE is set to launch a dry-herb vaporizing device that combines traditional heating methods with advanced vaporizer technology allowing users to enjoy their favorite dry herbal blends in a way that has never been experienced before.

The move comes as cannabis producers are looking for new ways to deliver the plant to consumers. The company is also developing a CBD tincture product for California’s medical cannabis market and expects to launch it in the fall.

The company has built its reputation on producing high-quality, clean, and consistent dried flower products. They are now bringing that same level of expertise to their new cannabis oil Vape Cartridges.

The company’s products will also have a longer shelf life due to their dryness, which allows them to be stored at room temperature.

The Mail Effect

In the meantime, the US government enacted a vape mail ban which requires all vape-related products to have been reviewed by the FDA. The FDA has not approved any of these products, and they haven’t established a review process or timeline.

As of this ban, no more vape products may legally be imported into the US by anyone, whether they be in person or through the mail. The only exception is for a vape product that the FDA has deemed to have a predicate.

Anyone who imports to America will now be liable to prosecution under federal law. This includes those who import for their own personal use and for the use of friends and family. It also includes those who import for commercial purposes.

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